Production and Quality

Froli Baltic products are distinguished by their high quality, durability and longevity.


The technical capabilities of our production facility and the experience and knowledge of our specialists enable us to adapt to fulfilling a variety of orders.

We offer different types of polyurethane hardness, surface coating and colours.

Manufacturing Possibilities

We create moulds according
to your needs

You have the opportunity to develop your own mould in collaboration with our professional designers for the manufacturing of your unique product.

We manufacture PUR
products using your moulds

You can provide your own polyurethane (PUR) part mould, and we’ll carry out the manufacturing according to our quality standards.

We manufacture PUR products
according to our catalogue

Our catalogue contains more than 200 different parts with numerous colour, surface and other options. Select products from our catalogue, and we’ll manufacture them.

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Contact Us

If you would like to know more about quality matters, contact us!

Our specialists speak Latvian, German, English and Russian.


Froli Baltic products are characterised by their high quality and longevity. They are not subject to temperature fluctuations and are easy to maintain, which is a particularly important requirement for manufacturing products in the medical and rehabilitation industry.

The production process complies with DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management standards.

As part of the Froli risk management system we subjected our polyurethane foam systems to a cytotoxicity test in accordance with EN ISO 10993-5: 2009.

This allows the customer to assess biocompatibility.

What Do ISO 9001 Quality Management Standarts Mean For Our Customers?

We monitor the quality of raw materials from which PUR parts are manufactured.

Our quality specialist follows strict procedures to ensure that the parts meet your and our quality requirements.

We regularly improve our quality management processes to ensure the manufacturing of ever higher-quality products.

Our team works cohesively and responsibly. We’ll endeavour to find a solution that satisfies your requirements for product quality.