Tooling and Other Related Services

We ensure custom-made tooling, injection moulding and vacuum forming.


Perfection in tooling and moulds determines the quality of the final product. Integrating the own mold fabrication with the development and production processes at “Froli GmbH & Co. KG” ensures consistent quality, on-time flexibility and uninterrupted delivery capability.

Whether precision tools for series and pilot projects or for prototypes – “Froli GmbH & Co. KG” offers the entire range.

Injection Modeling

As a innovative company, “Froli GmbH & Co. KG” has the special know-how that it takes for working with highly load-bearing PA compounds, permanently elastic TPEs and standard thermoplastics.

Our strengths are industrial plastic products, 2-component products and installation products in top-quality and of diverse material properties, such as high load-capacity, variable elasticity, specific hardness grades and conductivity. “Froli GmbH & Co. KG” specializes in small and large series.

The range of services includes injection molded parts with injection volumes from 1 to 2,500 g and a locking force ranging from 35 – 500 metric tons.

Vacuum Forming

Fabricating the tools is cost-effective and can be done quickly. Variants in material, thickness, surface texture and color are easily achieved.

Because the parts are subjected to machining after the vacuum forming process, a variety of hole patterns, for example, becomes possible with only a single production tool.

“Froli GmbH & Co. KG” manufactures vacuum form products in a plate size of 100 x 150 cm with an area of 71 x 95 cm. Element depths are possible up to 46 cm, possible base material thicknesses range from 0.15 to 15 mm.

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