About Us

An international manufacturing company with almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing PUR products.

About The Company

Froli Baltic SIA is proud of almost 20 years of experience, part of which is inherited from the German parent company Froli GmbH & Co. KG. Our activity is based on the desire to provide our customers with high-quality services and goods.

In our understanding, this includes the high quality of the products manufactured, a sustainable consumption and production cycle, and the well-being of the company’s employees.

Thanks to our company culture and values, we are able to provide motivating working conditions for our employees and high-quality products for our international customers.

The company is a member of the green and smart technology cluster.

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More than 50 specialists


Years of experience in sewing


Years of experience in manufacturing PUR products


The area of our production facilities


More than 50 specialists


Years of experience in manufacturing PUR products


Years of experience in sewing


The area of our production facilities


Following the traditions of family business, we produce high-quality products efficiently and sustainably, while supporting and trusting each other.


To be the most reliable supplier for our customers and a modern factory with happy employees.

Our Values


We feel a great responsibility for the products we manufacture and the services we provide. Therefore, we adhere to the highest quality requirements in production and service provision. We endeavour to satisfy the needs and wishes of the most exacting customers.

Satisfied Clients

Thanks to our quality management system and well-organised and managed procedures, we can meet the deadlines and ensure the quality of our manufactured products. In addition, we regularly improve our processes and strive to achieve new goals.

Employee Well-Being

The environment in which our employees spend significant time is important to us. That is why we attach great importance to mutual respect, understanding, and communication; to the work and leisure environment; and to employees’ health and emotional well-being.


In manufacturing products, we take into account economic, ecological and social aspects in order to plan the purchase of raw materials and the production and logistics processes accordingly. This is how we are able to realise sustainable and high-quality products.

Historical Facts


Froli Baltic SIA was established.


The ceremonial opening of the company’s production facility took place. In June, we started manufacturing the first polyurethane (PUR) foam products.


The first sewing machines were purchased so that the sewing facility could start work.


We started sewing mattress covers for campers and caravans.


The principles of sustainability were established. A new, more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient ventilation system was installed.


The company obtained the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate.


We started renting new sewing and storage premises in Ventspils, thus creating a second structural unit.


The Froli Baltic team, consisting of approximately 50 employees, celebrated the company’s 15th anniversary!


The parent company of Froli Baltic celebrated its 60th anniversary.


Designed and implemented a solar panel station for our production needs.

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